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Content Support

Content support refers to the adaptation and creation of content that resonates with the target audience in different markets. It involves translating, transcreating, and adapting content to suit cultural nuances, preferences, and language styles.

Chinese content support is important in localization as it ensures that the content is culturally relevant, linguistically accurate, and engaging to the Chinese audience.

Employing True Words for Chinese content support ensures high-quality and culturally appropriate content that resonates with the target audience. With a team of skilled linguists and cultural experts, True Words understands the nuances of Chinese language and culture, enabling them to provide accurate and engaging content support. They have a deep understanding of the Chinese market and can tailor the content to suit the preferences and expectations of Chinese consumers.

Why Choose Us

Our translators treat your documents with respect and render each word and sentence carefully and thoughtfully. On top of that, our translators are lifelong learners because they endeavor to gain a sufficient understanding of the topics of source texts.

True Words Translation is a member of the Translators Association of China. The membership indicates the competence of a translation company and is widely accepted by institutes worldwide. All of our translators hold CATTI or NATTI certificates.
At True Words, each translation project is treated with our translators’ knowledge, skills, thoughts, and creativity, adding a professional and personal touch to your documents.

As a service that provides intellectual property, we deeply echo your privacy concern. Safeguarding clients’ privacy and intellectual property rights is indispensable to our work ethics. Therefore, we have established rigorous systems to safeguard your information security.

Each of our translators has years of experience and knowledge in one or more specialized fields, ensuring that the translation you receive will be at par with the texts produced by specialists.

Although technology cannot replace our thoughts and creativity, computer-assisted translation tools can help translators to ensure the alignment of technical terms, expedite the translation process, and enhance the quality of translation.

At True Words, we appreciate and value each client and endeavor to provide premium quality translation. We will recommend the level of translators based on your needs and target readers. We consider each translation project an opportunity to boost reputation and growth for us and our clients.

Our Clients

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